These photoshoots that I envision and bring to reality give me life. I had such a fun time collaborating with Sabrina and walking around Detroit photographing her. Just know if I creepishly DM you on Instagram it might turn out like this....... 



I want to start sharing more of my personal photos I take of my family and our life together. After all, these will be the most important photos to me at the end of the day. So here are some photos from our recent spur of the moment trip to Texas. We visited Waco, Austin, and San Antonio. I hope you enjoy looking at photos of one little girl in particular, because I realized that is pretty much the only thing I took photos on this whole trip.....she's a pretty cute subject. 

Wiklund Family

It was a privilege to get to photograph the Wiklund family this past fall. Curtis and Jordin did a phenomenal job photographing my wedding and Curtis has been a great mentor to me in the photography realm. I was excited to work with them and knew we could make some great images together. And I must say - I was right because these are some my favorite family photos I've ever taken. I hope when you scroll through these photos you can forget it's January in Michigan and feel the warmth of this beautiful family and this perfect fall day. 

Mark & Rachel

Rachel and Mark's wedding was pretty much what you would hope any wedding to be. Genuine, simple, beautiful, and heart warming. The wedding and reception was beautifully put together on Rachel's parent's property and God gave us darn near perfect weather. There were so many special moments I could hardly handle my emotions. One in particular was when Rachel's father saw her in her dress for the first time. He embraced her and with tears welling up in his eyes he said "Ah Rachie...I have to give you away today..". I pretty much lost it right then and there. It was pretty inspiring to see what great relationships Mark and Rachel had with their families.... 

Like I said, it was everything a wedding should be. 

Matt & Mckala

Matt and Mckala had to be the most chill bride and groom I have ever encountered. The whole day was so laid back, enjoyable, and full of purely beautiful moments. There was something so special about the bond that Mckala had with her three sisters and mom and how they rallied her all throughout the day, something I will never forget. Woodard station did not disappoint. The industrial setting meshed so well with Matt and Mckala's romantic decor. It was a small intimate wedding with the closest of family and friends celebrating these two becoming one before God. It doesn't get much better than that. 

Fresh Cut Detroit

I had the privilege of spending a beautiful sunny morning with the lovely ladies of Fresh Cut Detroit. Fresh Cut is a local flower farm in the city of Detroit. What Sarah and her crew are doing in the heart of the city is just amazing. Spending the morning there was like a breath of fresh air. I got to document the ladies harvest the flowers and prep them under the big apple tree. There was something so refreshing and intriguing about the juxtaposition between the big city and the quaint flower farm that resides within it. Be sure to check out their website and different services they offer at .

Sideris Family At Home

This beautiful old home in Detroit has so much soul and character (and windows for dayyyss which made my photographer heart happy) and the family that fills this home has even more soul and character. They made my job easy. Sweet little Eva running around showing me her toys, reading with dad and newborn baby Broderick happiest in the warm arms of his momma (can't say I blame him). Elyse empowered so much strength and beauty in her solo photos with Broderick, reminding me once again how amazing and resilient mothers are. 

Lauren & Josh At Home

When I first stepped into Josh and Lauren's home I am pretty sure I said to her "can you come decorate my house?". This little house looks like it came straight out of a West Elm magazine. She's definitely your girl for interior inspiration. We had so much fun, just the three of us and precious little Ruby. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of sweet, tender moments between the two of them and I was lucky enough to document it.

The Royce

I had the privilege of working with The Royce wine shop & bar in downtown Detroit, photographing their space, soft opening, and a few of their beautifully handcrafted products. I was able to see the renovation and final stage of the wine bar and I was blown away by the richness, quality, and craftsmanship put into this place. What is even cooler is their drive to promote quality goods and wine that are made with integrity and that support their community. Be sure to stop in if you are in the Detroit area, you wont be disappointed. 

Holmes Family At Home

This in home family session really stole my heart. I couldn't be more grateful for families allowing me to come into such an intimate part of their lives and document it. With four boys and a dog, Erin and her husband Eric have created such a fun, warm, loving environment for their family. By the end of our time together my heart was so full- love, life, and laughter just exudes from this house. Not to mention Erin's killer eye for design and the natural light filling the rooms.

The older boys running around pretending to have a sword fight, baby Adler sweetly watching from below, and mom and dad taking it all in.  Scroll to see below and I dare you- I just dare you not to fall in love with this family.